Nursing Covers Offer Privacy and Comfort

Public breastfeeding laws have changed across the country, allowing women to feed their infants wherever they are when the baby gets hungry. Mothers no longer have to hide in bathroom stalls or prepare bottles for their babies before they go on outings. Unfortunately, even though the laws changed, the opinions of everyone in society have not. Many people remain uncomfortable seeing a mother feeding her baby in a public place. To avoid embarrassing someone who might witness the baby nursing, women can use a nursing cover.

In the past, women covered babies’ heads with blankets or cloth diapers. Covering with one of these makes it obvious there is a baby eating underneath and is more likely to attract attention than if the baby were nursing without a cover. Today, there are fashionable nursing covers that conceal the fact the baby is eating or in some cases, that there is even a baby present. For example, a poncho style nursing cover is wide enough to hide the baby underneath. Because these tops are lightweight, the baby won’t get too hot.

Another option is a nursing scarf. Although the baby will still be visible when a mother uses this type of scarf, the breast will not be exposed so passersby won’t be shocked to see the mother’s skin while the baby eats. Scarves that are especially designed for nursing mothers some of the best nursing covers. Unless someone else knows the purpose of the scarf, it won’t be obvious it’s being used to conceal the fact the woman is breastfeeding. Moms can confidently feed their babies without others being offended or even staring at them inappropriately.

Whether a woman plans to feed their baby on the go or they have to do it by necessity, a nursing cover can be a great addition to their wardrobe. Even moms who plan carefully and rarely need to nurse their babies in public may have an occasion every now and then that having a cover could be beneficial. These covers make great gifts for first time mothers as well as those who already have other children.